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About Indigo Roots
Yoga & Wellness Studio

Our branches reach high.  Our roots run deep.


Our Story

Indigo Roots is place of peace and refuge for body, mind, and spirit

- a welcoming space for all.

What began as a simple meditation space nine years ago has grown and ascended far beyond its original conception.  Indigo Roots is now a large, thriving studio for yoga, meditation, connection, community outreach, our local youths, balance, peace, joy - and limitless passion for mindfulness, healing, and wellness. 

Tell us, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

(adapted from Mary Oliver)

Our Teaching Team

Our Students
(We are grateful for every single human who walks through our door - here are some words of love from just a few.)

Wonderful energy and can't wait to go back. 

- Sierra

Incredible Energy and lots of Love.

- Tim

There is a reason I can learn from Indigo Roots' offerings of Yoga and Reiki.  I have a basic wisdom and basic goodness.  Indigo Roots encourages me to be brave and open my heart and mind to what is inherently there  or what I already have.  It is the willingness to open my eyes to learn from situations in my life.  With indigo awareness I find for myself what causes misery and what causes happiness and how to grow from both. 


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