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Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Indigo Roots has always been a point of peace and refuge - a light in the darkness for any who seek it. Having grown and ascended over the last eight years, what began as a simple meditation space is now a thriving studio; a container for yoga and wellness, youth and outreach, balance, peace, joy - and limitless passion for mindfulness, community, and connection. 


All are welcome. Register ahead of time or just walk-in. Come as you are.


There is a reason I can learn from Indigo Roots' offerings of Yoga and Reiki.  I have a basic wisdom and basic goodness.  Indigo Roots encourages me to be brave and open my heart and mind to what is inherently there  or what I already have.  It is the willingness to open my eyes to learn from situations in my life.  With indigo awareness I find for myself what causes misery and what causes happiness and how to grow from both. 

- John W.

Beautiful souls, beautiful energy!

- Donna M.

Wonderful energy and can't wait to go back. 

- Sierra C.

Incredible Energy and lots of Love.

- Tim R.

Get in Touch

212 E. Court Street

Washington Court House, Ohio 43160

Thank you. We will be in touch soon.

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