"I wholeheartedly believe that this unprecedented pandemic is giving all of us the opportunity to grow and to re-evaluate our most valued and heartfelt priorities.


Please lean in to this energy and come to know yourself and your heart’s deepest desires and connections. This is truly a time to come together in spirit and offer deep gratitude for all our blessings -even the ones that are yet to come."


-Shannon Jacobs, Founder


About Us

Indigo Roots Studio is a sacred space of truth and authenticity. We practice yoga, meditation, mindful living, holistic health, and awakening to one's own essence. We honor ourselves and our community through loving kindness and heart felt gratitude. It is our mission to help others discover the absolute vividness of a life well lived and wholly savored. 


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Shannon Jacobs

Shannon is the founder and lead visionary of Indigo Roots. She is a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and an RYT500 with Yoga Alliance. Shannon guides students through yogic movement, guided meditation and compassionate self inquiry.

It is Shannon's authentic desire to help people create a balanced and more peaceful life by awakening to one's own inner light.

Diane Matticks

Diane Matticks has been a dancer and dance teacher her entire life. She has been studying yoga for four years at Indigo Roots Studio. She is also a retired high school teacher. Diane teaches the children's yoga classes and substitutes for the adult classes. Yoga and teaching are her passion, and she loves sharing the yoga experience with others.

Skylynn Barden

Skylynn Barden is a certified Ayurvedic Meditation Instructor.  She is also a circle leader, guiding her students through intense circles that allow them to connect with their own innate wisdom and their most primal spiritual roots.

Bernadette Atkins

Bernadette Atkins, Studio Manager, is a certified Yoga, Yoga Shred, Pilates, and Fitness Instructor with 20 years of experience. She continues to expand her education by exploring various teacher trainings and workshops.

Bea holds sacred space for her students to truly explore their inner and outer realms through movement, spirit and grace. She loves to introduce new methods and new ideas into her teachings. Every class is a beautiful expression of her light and love.  

Tammy Reed

Tammy Reed (Sat Kirtan Kaur) (RYT 200) began her exploration with yoga in 2001.  After exploring and growing through her own practice, she was led to Kundalini Yoga and shortly after became certified in Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2012.  Tammy continues to pursue education in yoga and the healing arts as well as her own personal daily practice.  This ongoing process is what provides the fresh insights that she hopes will continue to inspire her teaching. 

Kelly Sunny Rae

Kelly Sunny Rae is a Certified Crystal Therapist, Certified Horticulturist, Reiki student, self-taught Herbalist and 200 hour certified yoga teacher. Teaching about Yoga, Medicinal Herbs, Crystals, Energy Healing and Kombucha is a creative passion for Sunny. Learning is a lifelong commitment in order to evolve to our higher self.

Her goal is to create a space for people to gather, learn, and find alignment with in themselves.

Trey Tompkins

Trey Tompkins has been a Certified Personal Trainer for eight years. He believes that movement is an essential variable to Joy in our daily lives, and can also help bring vitality and meaning to our lifestyle. His interests include hiking, photography, guitar, and rubix cubing. With life, he envisions a hopeful future in which many people’s hearts can be settled and their minds at ease.

Misty Chapin

Misty received her 500 HR RYTT through True Freedom Yoga. She is certified in Accessible Yoga, Yoga for All, Reiki II, and is also a Hoop Love Coach. When Misty isn't sharing yoga with others, you can find her dancing with hoops. She enjoys sharing her love for this unique form of creative expression with friends, family, and community.


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